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The Northern Peninsular SRE Association is looking for 100 people to join with them as prayer-partners for the mission of making Christ known in our local high schools. For the last 13 years we've been able to support an SRE teacher at Cromer Campus and, most recently, a welfare worker at Narrabeen Sports High School. Both of these positions have proven to be a great blessing to the school community. But we need your support.

We are looking to have 100 prayer-partners by the end of 2016 who are regularly praying for the work that happens in our local schools. You will receive a monthly email giving you an update on these ministries, some things to pray for and an opportunity to partner in this ministry by giving of your time to pray. That's it. Doesn't sound like much - BUT, it will be a HUGE blessing to the teachers and Board members to have people behind us, surrounding this ministry in prayer.

If you're able to - please sign up below....


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