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Matthew Authentic Discipleship Term 2 2017 bible study

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We're looking forward to a great term considering "the word on" particular topics.

Throughout the term we will be adding the studies for our small groups on this page - so make it a favourite - click on the link and away you go!

Week 1 - starting Monday 10th October [THE WORD]

Week 2 - starting Monday 17th October [SPIRITUALLY FLAT]

Week 3 - starting Monday 24th October [HEALING]

Week 4 - starting Monday 31st October [HOLY SPIRIT]

Week 5 - starting Monday 7th November [ASSURANCE]

Week 6 - starting Monday 14th November [SUCCESS]

Week 7 - starting Monday 21st November [CHURCH]

Week 8 - starting Monday 28th November [SUFFERING]





This term at church, we will be looking at how we, as Christians, should relate to the 'physical world' God has given us. We will look first at money, and then at relationships with others, as two key aspects of this.

The world we live in, our Australian culture, suffers from the twin evils of greed, and sexual abuse, sexual sins of all types. Some sincere religious people respond by saying that the solution is poverty and sexual abstinence. They believe that to be truly holy is to be celibate, sexually fire in this way, and to see possessions, and the physical world - all pleasures - as evil.

But what does it mean to relate to the physical creation 'in Christ'? If we are followers of Jesus, we should surely view it through his eyes. Jesus warned of greed and its dangers, yet enjoyed much in creation - from deep friendships (relationships), to wine at weddings, and parties where he was clearly involved.

This term at church, we will look then, at how we should live, and live life to the full as followers of the Lord Jesus. For the months of February and March, we will follow the Matthias Media booklet "Cash Values", then as Easter is in the middle of the term, we will have a short series relating to Jesus' death and resurrection, while finishing the term focussing on "God and Relationships" during the month of April.

We hope and pray that as we consider these things together, that God's Spirit would speak powerfully to each of us as we learn together from his word.

If you would like to join a small group at church, please contact the church office (9971 1048 or and they will direct your query to the right staff member.

Kerry Nagel (January 2016).


Living as a Christian in Australia in 2014 can be very confusing. On the one hand we believe in God and we believe that He is good and so that living his way will be the best for us. Yet, we make our way in life amongst friends who do not believe in God and who are, more and more, living in ways contrary to what Christians have taught. So, do we stick to the “Christian” way of living or not? And how do we know what God’s way is, really? With so many people disagreeing over the Bible and what it says, can we really know?

This term we look at some Christian foundations – in particular, we’ll be thinking through the doctrine of Scripture, the doctrine of creation, the doctrine of God’s providence and the doctrine of humanity. These studies will require some preparation, thought and research because they point us to deep questions. They raise practical matters of the very basis of belief in God, to what we think we are, as human beings, and we will seek to do these things, each time exploring whether we can really see Jesus Christ as the answer to our questions. And, if so, what that then means for living under God today.

Kerry Nagel // April 2014


Download the current study guide here.

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