Luke 5-8: A Fresh Look At Jesus

It seems strange to be starting a series of studies in Luke’s gospel at Chapter 5, then ending in Chapter 8, but these chapters are a key part of Luke’s account of Jesus’ life. They lead up to the great confession in Chapter 9, that Jesus is “The Christ of God”. So, to some extent, they give us as readers some of the evidence for this conclusion.  As we do these studies, we will keep asking ourselves what we are learning about Jesus. Luke gives us incidents that show us something of who Jesus is - his power and authority - that leads the reader to ask the question - “Who is this man?” But the events related also lead us, as readers, to ask and marvel at the character of this man. He seems to stand out.

It will help us if we can approach these chapters with the assumption that Jesus is no more than an ordinary man. In other words, put aside our beliefs (which we hold if we are Christians) - that Jesus is God the Son. In Luke’s account, the people of the time saw, a man like them, but who was he...?  This puzzled them. They had to ask the question - what and who can he be? They had to respond to the evidence they saw. We will get the most out of reading these chapters if we let ourselves be moved once again by the evidence Luke puts before us. God will lead us to some new conclusions and insights about Jesus as we do this.

May God give us all a fresh insight into the certainty of what these original eyewitnesses saw and heard, so that we might know and serve Him better.

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Luke Ch 5-8 A Fresh Look at Jesus

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