Join us over the next four weeks as we think through how some finish the sentence, JESUS IS______.


22/23 March
JESUS IS… “my mate"
“Lots of people think Jesus is a good guy, maybe even their friend or mate, but who was Jesus really? Is he more than that?"
29/30 March
JESUS IS… “a friend of sinners”
“Many people think that Jesus (and Christians) is judgmental towards particular groups of people, be it because of their sexuality or religion. What was Jesus really like?"
5/6 April
JESUS IS… “my prosperity"
“Many people are fearful of financial security and material possessions, concerned whether our children will have enough. Jesus helps us to see what’s more important."
12/13 April
JESUS IS… “non-existent”
“Virgin birth, healings, walking on water, rising from the dead – can we actually believe that Jesus existed? Let’s look at the evidence."


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