Psalms for Everyday Life - April 2013

“The book of Psalms is perhaps the most frequently used book of the Old Testament. We read psalms in public worship and private devotion. We sing them, pray them, and contemplate their application to our lives. In the psalms we encounter God, others, and ourselves in life’s joys and sorrows, tragedies and triumphs. The psalms capture our imaginations, engage our thoughts, stir our emotions, and move our wills.”

Mark D. Futato, Interpreting the Psalms 

“The power of the psalms is not that they present us with a neat, theologically consistent package we can assent to (or reject) intellectually. Instead, they confront us with the messiness and conflict of the life of faith lived out in the real world of body, mind, and spirit.”

Gerald H. Wilson, Psalms Volume 1.

We hope you’ll join us over the next four weeks as we consider the power of the psalms and how they speak into our lives, whatever circumstances we’ve been through, are going through, or will go through in the future. Starting on Sunday 7th April, we’ll be considering Psalms 1 & 2, 145, 13 & 73. Why not spend some time during April meditating on the psalms and let them capture your imagination, stir your emotions and move your will to want to trust our loving Father in heaven all the more.

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