The Bible Society, in partnership with the Centre for Public Christianity, will be screening  Dr John Dickson’s hour-long “Life of Jesus” documentary.

John Dickson will be the host for the evening and will field any questions you may have afterwards in a Q&A session. This will be an awesome opportunity to invite a friend along to watch the documentary and listen to John Dickson answer questions from the audience.
The event will be held at Hoyts, Warringah Mall, Brookvale and is free of charge. St Faiths have secured 30 tickets for this event. RSVP to ensure you reserve your spot - or 9971 1048. Whilst the event is close to Christmas, this is a great opportunity for you to invite a friend and for you to learn from a well respected Christian historian.


"The Wobblers" Kids Choir - Christmas Eve

This year, the Jelly Wobbles are excited to again be accompanied by "The Wobblers" kids choir. Last year, this was a great success as we saw many of the kids in our church excited about being involved in the Christmas production, all kitted up in their Jelly Wobbles shirts, having fun with the Jelly Wobbles! We'd love to open up this opportunity again for any interested children / teenagers - school age kids only please. Email Yvette Molyneuxfor more info and to get a permission slip.

Before you close this email, why don't you pray for two of our missionaries:

Steve & Narelle Etherington - working with Aboriginal communities in NT. Pray for the Kunwinjku speaking Christians in Arnhem Land, NT. Pray for Lois who is a faithful preacher and teacher of God's word. Pray that God would bring men to himself. Pray that these Aboriginal communities would cooperate and visibly love each other, despite divisions within their clans.

Irwan & Catherine - working with uni students in Wollongong. Pray for the people they are reaching out to within the university, that it would be effecitve outreach. Thank God for the work that is happening there already and pray for more gospel partners to continue this mission and ministry.

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