In this weeks e-news, we thought it would be nice to inform our readers of the upcoming mission trip to Watoto, Uganda, which 16 of our own church members are going on. Here's a bit about the trip and how you can pray.

Q. Could you please tell us a bit about Uganda, where it is and what that part of the world is like?

A. We are going to Uganda in April 2013 to build a Nursery Classroom in a small village in Gulu. Gulu is in the northern part of Uganda and is where Joseph Kony was 8 years ago, taking children from their homes and forcing them to become child soldiers.  We are representing an organisation called Watoto which is a Christian organisation. The Watoto village is called Laminadera where we are building and is in a  rural and very poor area.

Q. You mentioned Watoto, what is the programme and what does it do in that part of the world?

A. Watoto is an holistic care programme that was initiated as a response to the overwhelming number of orphaned children and vulnerable women in Uganda. It is positioned to rescue an individual, raise each one as a leader in their chosen sphere of life so that they in turn will rebuild their nation. The attached link provides more information on the wonderful work Watoto are doing in Uganda.

Q. The trip to Watoto will be in April next year with a bunch of our own people from St Faith's participating. What are your hopes for the trip and what will be involved?

A. We have 20 volunteers who are funding themselves to go to Uganda. There are 16 of these volunteers from St Faith’s. We need to raise $20,000 to build the classroom for these orphaned children. We would also like to sponsor some orphaned children in addition to raising money for Baby Watoto. Our aim is to raise $30,000. We will be building for part of the time and also spending time looking after and giving love to the babies in Baby Watoto in both Gulu and Kampala, We will also share lunch with one of the families in the village which will be wonderful.

Q. You've mentioned in the past that even though you go there to be a blessing, you are more blessed by going. How has your previous trip enriched your Christian life?

A. Our family visited Uganda this year and felt we were going to give love and blessings but we were the ones that were truly blessed and shown such love. We felt such a presence of God.  We are so truly blessed with what God has provided us with. We feel that we need to make a difference in these beautiful children’s lives and show others how enriched you feel by giving. We have an amazing group of people coming with us who are going to be overwhelmed with God’s grace and love through these beautiful Ugandan people.

Q. What are some things our church can be praying for regarding this trip and the people of Uganda?

A. We would love our church family to pray that we may reach our financial goal but more importantly that we will draw closer to God and His purpose for our lives. Shine God’s light and most importantly that Watoto’s vision is achieved through God’s Grace and Love. That Uganda will be transformed through the next generation of Ugandans who will know and put there love and Trust in our Lord. It is wonderful that St Faiths has joined us in this journey to help the orphans and vulnerable women of Uganda.

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