The Cottage Counselling Centre NEEDS YOU....

The Cottage Counselling Centre was established in 1996 when a team of professional counsellors formed a partnership with St Faith’s. It was started as a not-for-profit ministry to meet a community need for professional counselling services for Christians and for those in the community unable to afford commercial rates and never turns away anyone on the basis of affordability.

The Cottage has grown to provide services in six locations on the North Shore and Northern Beaches.  We fund The Cottage through the fees that clients can afford to pay, limited grants from government and local clubs, support from a small number of individuals and an annual fundraiser however, we have a gap of $45,000 per year that these sources of funding do not address.

Current situation: we will run out of money to keep operating The Cottage by 30 June 2013 unless we get a cash injection.

We have cut costs as much as possible but any more and we will need to reduce services when the demand is to increase them. This is a ministry that saves and mends lives as they treat people with depression, anxiety, grief, anger, domestic violence and abuse, addictions, sexual abuse and disability.

The Wardens and Ministry Team at St Faiths has agreed to a High Giving Sunday on 19th May 2013. 

Please pray for wisdom regarding this ministry.  If it is one we should support then please commit to giving generously.  We will provide the mechanisms to give on the 19th May and provide more information in the lead up.

If you have any questions call Ross Jones on 0413 019 893.

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