Did you know.......

  • There are more human beings in slavery today than at any time in human history (most experts believe there are 27 million slaves worldwide).
  • Two children are sold as slaves every 60 seconds (1 million children are exploited through the global commercial sex trade every year).
  • The travel and tourism industry plays a vital role in facilitating child sex tracking. Many hotels having become known as "havens" for what has become known as "child sex tourism" in which traffickers and sex offenders utilise hotel facilities to carry out such illegal activities.
  • $32 billion in profits are generated by the human trafficking industry every year.
  • The internet has become the new marketplace for tracking in children. Sexually exploited children are growing even as fewer prostitutes work the streets.

Be informed to help, to pray, and to give and support the work of organisations around the world who are seeking to bring an end to such injustice.

A viewing of Trade of Innocents at Warriewood United Cinemas will begin this process. Visit www.koorong.com to book your tickets for this viewing on Wednesday 24th April. 



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