Our Young Adult Community makes up a large part of St. Faith’s Night Church.

As a community within a community, we embrace the unique joys and challenges facing us while at the same time recognize that the Bible encourages cross-generational discipleship. We are those looking to learn from and lean on older Christians in our community, and lovingly lead younger ones in faith.

Outside of an active post-church social dinner culture, the key ministry to young adults happens through our midweek Community Groups, which gather across the beaches in members homes. Each group spends time in God’s word and growing in the gospel, sharing life together in a deep and meaningful way, and spurring each other on toward fulfilling the mission of Jesus.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the Young Adult Community at St. Faith’s, come along to Night Church (Sunday’s 6pm), or email the Night Church Pastor, Ben Molyneux (ben@stfaiths.org.au).

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