The challenge was put out there this week to write a Psalm of your own (it was on the front of the news sheet if you missed it!). Below is a Psalm, written by one of our Morning Church members, Sarah Jones, at a difficult time of grief in her life.


Be merciful to me oh Lord,

For I am in distress.

My eyes grow weak with sorrow,

My body longs for rest.


My anguish is consuming

And my strength is failing me.

Grief has overcome me,

I am adrift at sea.


Turn your ear to me Lord,

Come quickly to my rescue,

I trust in you, my fortress,

Be my rock of refuge.


Now I commit my Spirit,

Into your loving hands.

Deliver me in your righteousness,

And help me understand.


Lead me now and guide me,

As I solely lean on you.

When I am weak, then you are strong,

So show me what to do.


So I praise you through my tears,

Knowing you are in control.

My hurt is overwhelming,

Through my body and my soul.


Your unfailing love can save me,

A love that knows no bounds,

You’ve redeemed my soul, oh God of truth,

And turned my life around.


I’ll walk with you now slowly,

As your will unfolds for me,

And I pray for peace and shelter

From this pain inside of me.


You’re faithful to your promises,

Upholding those who fall.

Your strength and comfort prop me up,

You listen when I call –


Out of the depths of darkness,

And unrelenting night,

Will you lift me up on eagles’ wings,

And give me back my sight?

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Chillout 2024 is coming in the July school holidays....

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