James chapter one shows the importance of HEARING and HEEDING the word of God. Verse 21 says to “humbly accept the word planted in you, which can save you.” And verse 22 challenges us to do something with what we hear, “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.”


During my recent sermon on James 1 (you can listen to it here) I gave 5 websites/apps that can help you turn your smart phone from a distraction into a device that helps you listen to the Word of God.

Here are the 5 websites/apps I mentioned in the sermon:

  1. WWW.BIBLE.COM // YouVersion is an incredible service to bible reading people around the world! It is packed with the bible in pretty much every language that has the Bible. It has apps for all smart phones and a really easy to use browser. There are 100s of devotionals and reading guides and even the flexibility to build your own plan. YouVersion became even easier to remember with the recent purchase of bible.com.
  2. FIGHTER VERSES // Scripture Memory System that will take you approx 15 years to get through them all! Useable website, apps for iOS and Android. Get the Word stuck in your head!
  3. GROWING FAITH // Australian website that will help you to be better equipped to consider parenting from perspective of Bible. Sign up for their weekly email.
  4. FERVR // This award winning Australian website is suitable for youth and young adults. Fresh content + fresh look.
  5. STFAITHS.NET // our new church website! Check in for sermons and other articles to help you dig into the bible.

Here are 5 bonus websites/apps for further help with hearing:

  1. DESIRING GOD // this website is full 30+ years of resources from the ministry of John Piper. Make sure you check out the Desiring God App and the Solid Joy Daily Devotional App too.
  2. SOULIES // Our youth community website has fresh content on it every week that seeks to help teenagers get into the word. Especially see the daily bible journal.
  3. SYDNEY ANGLICANS // As well as great content about the Bible and Christian life around our network of churches, this site also has links to Christian news around the world.
  4. BIBLE SOCIETY + ETERNITY NEWSPAPER // The Bible Society’s goal is to get people into the Bible. They have some fantastic bible reading resources (here’s one Bible Society project I was part of). Eternity News offers good coverage of Australian Christians news.
  5. THE GOSPEL COALITION // Predominantly based in North America, this network of news and blogs are aiming to be “Equipping the next generation for gospel-faithful ministry and promote church reform and culture transformation. Led by Tim Keller and Don Carson.” Their app is worth checking out too.

Dave Miers

ps – let me know if you’ve got any other useful tools in the comments below…

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